Life Recently Vol. 2: Life of a First Year of College

by - Saturday, March 19, 2016

So yeah! It's already obvious in the title of this blog. I can't contain my happiness right now, because finally! It's official! I'm no more a freshman college anymore. Yeah! I indeed survived the first year of my college journey. Even I'm just only a first year college, still I suffered from a lot of difficulties, not only about the academics, but from the very beginning when we're actually taking an entrance exam for our dream university. 

And another yeah! I got to my dream university in college. It is not really easy because first, it was a famous public university in the Philippines, and it is not kidding to be studying there. Even everyone generally judging the students there, they were saying "mga estudyante doon aktibista. Aktibista ka na rin ba?" I am aslo included to the students they were actually judging.  Second, I experienced ubusan nang slots of your dream course. Cause I'm included to the last batch who took the entrance exam. So no choice, I went to the course that I don't really have any idea. Like, wow! What is this? Ano 'tong pinasok ko? What happened to my dream course? NGA-NGA. 

But I still grab this opportunity, even I don't really have any idea kung ano 'tong pinasok at tinahak ko. The only thing I know was, it is God's will and I am going to trust Him at ipapaubaya ko sa kanya itong buhay ko. Kung ano man ang mangyari, alam kong all of it has it's own reason. He will not put me into this situation, if it's not really meant to me, especially kung hindi naman pala ito makakabuti sa akin. Hindi masama si God, para ilagay ka Niya sa isang sitwasyon na kung saan hindi mo kaya. I believe, all the problems we're experiencing right now, was really meant to us, because He knows we can surpass it all.

I can proudly say, that there's something good that changed me in being a first year college, in other term, I grew up, but I am not yet blooming like I am one of the late bloomer. What am I saying was, after I suffer from a lot of problems in this school year, probably, I learned the lessons to every of it. And in every lessons I learned, I felt like I grew into and becoming a better teenager. I hope, this will continue, up until the last day of my life. Char! So I am going to share to you the best things happened, the struggles I suffered and lessons that I've learned in my first year of college life. Maybe, this will also help you when you reached College.

The best things happened

  1. I became an independent teenager. I survived this school year living away from my family. Though, I still go home every week, but still, it's an improvement. Believe me or not, I didn't feel any "home sick" that they were saying. It only last one day, and I don't feel any of it anymore. They just need to give me money and I can finally live on my own na! Wieee!
  2. I learned how to budget my weekly allowance. Because I badly need to do it. And if not, I can't go home because my parents will not give me extra of it. Hehe. When I am always on my dorm, I only eat bread NO RICE. Because, we can't cook there. I also go out and eat outside, whenever I have excess money, or whenever I am craving. Don't you worry, it only attack seldom. I also went grocery, para menos sa mataas na tubo nang mga tidera.
  3. I learned how to manage my time. Specifically, when there's an important activity in school. Like, we're going to have exam/s for the next day or the week before, I carefully manage my time. Less travel, more study whenever there's any situation like that.
  4. I got my first ATM! If I remember it correctly, I got it before the first semester end. And I was like, WOW OMG! I aslo have my own ATM na! It's time to save na! Yahooo! It was an ATM Landbank by the way.
  5. I also got my own laptop! Dahil sa kakareklamo ko, pero take note, hindi ako nagpapabili. I swear to God. Promise. Because I know, malabo mangyari iyon dahil haler, hindi biro magbumili nang laptop. Ang mahal! But I know, it depends to the brand and class.
  6. I got to travel somewhere I've never been in my entire life! Such an amazing feeling indeed! Like, I got a chance to go to Makati where it was my first time to ride the PNR, experienced the first rally that I had been (wala kaming ka-alam alam sa ganito, pero lumiko kami para kumain sa pinaka malapit na food chain in the place) got a chance to go to Ayala Fairview Terraces & SM Fairview for the first mall show of JaDine that I had been, Mall of Asia & it's amusement park at seaside, a chance to explore the Quiapo because of our Sociology class. I saw the only church in the Philippines that was made from metal, the San Sebastian Church. I got a chance to try the unli dessert in Cafe Dolce. I still can't believe that I got a chance to go in Tagaytay for one day with my college buddies also in my blockmate's house at Cavite, I also got a chance to see and explore the Quezon City Circle and the National Aquino Wildlife Park near to it, and got to explore the famous Venice Piazza Grand Canal Mall, and the best thing happened in this category was, I got a chance to experience my first concert-like but actually an OTWOL Live Viewing Party far from where I live in Manila, and the best thing happened to me was when I arrived home midnight. Yes, you're reading it right. 
  7. And because I am already in Manila, there are alot of opportunities na makikita ko na ang pinaka-iidolo kong JaDine! And I did see James and Nadine Lustre personally, not near, but, I am already contented to it. Becuase I know, there will be another chance na makita ko na sila nang malapitan.
  8. I got a chance to meet new friends and talk to some people that I thought I couldn't talk with. Cause I'm a shy type plus, my first day in school was actually their third day in school. So meaning, late ako nag-enroll. So to sum up, I thought I would not have friends, becuase meron na silang circle of friends that time. But I'm still blessed, because God gave me another new great friends that I can lean on whenever I need them when I'm in Manila or not. Plus Igot a chance to join an organization outside and inside of the school.
  9. I passed all my subject course! It was the best thing happened in this school year. Hindi kasi biro kasi ang course na kinuha ko. Isipin mo naman, unang semestre pa lang, Algebra & Trigonometry hinati sa 5 units. Tapos ýung natapat pang prof ninyo ay matalino pero hindi marunong magturo. Isipin niyo na lang yung prof na parang kinakausap 'yung board at wala kaming mga estudyante. Hehe. Tapos second semester pa lang nang first year ninyo sa college, ma-eexperience mo agad ang lupit na Calculus at na-meet niyo na ýung major mong, Economics. Combo pa, napalupit nang prof niyo sa parehong 'yan. Ay, grabe talaga ýung kaba kong naramdaman. Pero buti nalang I did my best, and it was enough that's why I passed.
  10. Last, mas lalo akong napalapit kay Lord. Yep! Because I believe, you'll never surpass anything in your life without Him in your side. He's really important in our everyday life. Not only when you needed Him the most.

The difficulties I suffered 

  1. Adjustment & adaptation in new environment. I think I only had a few problems, but for me, it was already a big problems to me like, first, New environment, everything was new. From scratch, I need to adjust and adopt how to live in Manila. But happily, I survived!
  2. Limitations in habits. The place where I currently live in Manila was not that good, that's why it was really hard for me to adjust, like, all my habits at home, I can't do it there. Limitations, kung baga.
  3. When sickness strikes you. Wala akong malapitan, especially, noong sumama pakiramdam ko it was Midnight, tapos wala akong masabihan na masama pakiramdam ko. I just contacted my parents, but they can't come in my dorm, kasi 5 PM ang uwi nila from office, so gagabihin siya papauwi sa bahay. It was damn hard!
  4. Adjustment in new school & professors. Believe me or not, isang taon ako nag-adjust sa new enviroment ko sa manila. Like, when I'm in High school, kaya kong sumagot sa recitation nang hindi na kailangan tawagin pa ang pangalan ko. Pero nung nag college ako, sobrang kabado ako sumagot sa harap ng mga kaklase ko. Maybe, because, they were all new to me. But I hope, next school year, talagang nakapag-adjust na ako. 
  5. Adjustment in new friends to be with. Nagkaroon din ako nang conflict kung sino ba ýung dapat kong makasa or maging kaibigan this year. Kasi nung first week, palipat-lipat ako sa circle of friends sa section, kasi nga late na akong pumasok.
  6. Struggling to study in new place. At dahil new environment, new place to live, hindi ako sanay mag-aral. Ewan. Siguro mas nasanay ako sa bahay namin, sa kwarto ko, maliwanag at pwede kang magpuyat.

Lessons I learned

  1. This lessons was based only in all the difficulties I suffered from this school year, 2015-2016. First, you just have to accept the fact that, because you chose and decided to study far from your home, it's normal to adjust, especially when you're new to the place. But you should not just adjust, you should also try to adopt the new environment, because it will be easier if you do it so. And you'll live there for more than a year. Accept the differences from where you've been to where you're right now. 
  2. Limiting yourself in everything you do is not "plastic" but it is part of maturity. Because kung alam mo kung saan at kung dapat bang gagawin, at hindi dapat, it is one way of maturing. It's not bad idea to limit yourself, when if that thing, would lead you to a better person.  
  3. Everyone normally get sick. But we can avoid it, like for example, live a healthy life, you would probably not get sick. You can avoid to be sick, if you're taking care of yourself. From the foods you eat, the proper hygiene, the proper time to sleep. And you should also have a notes about "what medicine should I take" whenever you'll experience any pain and you should also have an emergency kit. In case it strike in midnight, and there are no open drugstores near your place.
  4. So, in adjustment in school and professors, this must only took at least a maximum of one month. Don't be like me, my adjustment period took a year. It is not good! Because you can't bring back the past. You can't rewind the things you regret by not doing it before. So to avoid regrets in your life, you should grab the opportunities in your way. Not like me, I just realized after this year, that I want to be a Dean Lister. But I can't be it anymore, because I'm afraid to recite in class so it pulls my grades down. Life is too short, you can't bring back the past just to make it right. Always remember that.
  5. In adjustment in new friends, I realized that it's okay to have many friends. You'll not get out of place. So don't close your door in people who wants to be friends with you. Don't find what characteristic of a friend in every person you'll meet. Because in college, your world gets bigger. Your friends today, in this year, might not be your friends tomorrow. I feels good to have good friends, just be good to them, so they won't stab you. 
  6. Last, if you're an intelligent person, the study place isn't a big deal actually. But sadly, I am not that person. So the study place was indeed a big deal for me. But because I keep on my mind that I should not depend on the place na nakasanayan ko. I should be flexible in everything. It is very important in surviving college life. 

So I hope you learned something from this blog. If I miss anything, just comment it down below :) 
Thank you Lord for my awesome first year of College Life! 

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