Who's Kittycolz?


Nicole, but most people here in internet world,known me as "kittycolz" because of my edits and the fan pages I handled long time ago. A 17-years-old free spirit and self-proclaimed lifestyle and travel blogger born in Manila and raised in Bulacan, Philippines. But now, I am currently staying in Manila to finish my pre-law course. I am just a typical teenager wanted to live the life the way each of us wanted to. An introvert person, who unintentionally isolate herself from others. I love to redecorate my blog, tweak all those free templates in my own way. If you would notice, my current template was quite far from it's original. I am also a 'blog stalker' so, if you want me to visit your site/blog (in return), just leave the link anywhere you want. 

As much as I love photography and editing stuffs, I also do love to explore. I am always game in any adventures: trekking, hiking, boating, road trips, anything! Even ghost hunting pa, go na go ako! :D I can be your travel buddy and a photographer at the same time. ;) I spend most of my time eating and blogging than socializing with some peeps out there. If not, I spend my spare time reading fictitious books and writing stories in Wattpad. Romance and horror stories my favorite genres, either in books or movies. 

I guess the best way for you to know more about me is to visit my blog often.


Since then, I’m already interested in blogging. When I was on my grade level, I thought of combining my favorite cartoon "Hello Kitty" and my name Nicole. That's when Kittycolz was made. I started in blogosphere, specifically here in Blogger way back 2012, I’m 13 years old  (not yet mentioning the time when I made my Friendster or Facebook account). I created my very first blog dedicated to my favorite singer Taylor Swift. And a few months later, I created my second blog which was dedicated to my local celebrity, Bea Binene. When I turned 14 (2013) I totally forgot my fan blogs and moved to tumblr. After that, I’m still not contented, so I created another blog dedicated to my new idol (JaDine) on weebly, and another and another blogs.

The next year (2014), when I turned 15, I transferred to another blogging website which is the wordpress. Until I go back again here at blogspot. Thinking Hoping that this will be the very last blogging site I will use. I decided to go back here because of one of my local celebrity idol - Cassy Legaspi, because she also created a personal blog using this site. She inspired me a lot, also with my other favorite bloggers Kisty Mae, Vern & Verniece to go back again on blogging. 

Though, I'm already in blogosphere for quite long, I still considered myself as an amateur blogger. I made this blog, to share everything that I could. Especially my adventures, though it was not yet extreme, but soon as I grow up. You can also read my thoughts & experiences in life, my other interests/hobbies and whatnot. In short, this is kind of my online journal.

Welcome to my blog! 
Thanks for stopping by!
Hope to see you around!

PS. My blog looks more nice in desktop view than in phone. 
PSS. I know that I am not good in English and I am working on it. :)