Life Recently Vol. 1

by - Sunday, November 29, 2015

Everytime it's going to have a long weekend, I always spend all of my time on sleeping or having some rest. But this time, I don't have time to rest and do other stuff I want. We don't have any homeworks, but we are going to have a first long-exam on Calculus this coming Thursday.

And it is damn hard! I'm really getting crazy right know! Back then, when I was still a child, I do love Math. I always got high grades, sometimes I got a perfect score in exam. And take note, no one is teaching me at home, only myself. I always join Math Clubs, Math Quiz Bees and anything related to the Math subject. But one time, when I grew up, I noticed that I'm started to hate math. Yes, definitely. And that was when I was already in High school. As time goes by, it's getting harder and harder for me to understand the Math. That was when we became enemy of Math... until now. I really don't remember something I learned from my Math in High school year. And that's the thing now!

Now that I am a college student, and my course include all types of Math, I'm slowly giving up! ---Nah! I'm just kidding. But I thought of... Trying to engage myself with Math again. Because Math is really important in my course! If you wouldn't mind, I'm just taking the not common but one of the most difficult type of course. Economics. Some of you, I already know, don't know what is it. To make you understand it easily, President Noynoy Aquino graduated with that degree in UST. But I'm not telling you I also study there. I'll just keep it a secret.

So back to the main topic. We're going to take our first long term exam for Calculus this coming Thursday so I'm really trying hard, I already exert all the efforts that I can to understand this thing! And because no one wants to teach me, I made something that will help me studying alone. So there, you saw the jar with yellow strip of papers inside. I did that to help me studying alone. I don't know if it's effect, but we'll see after the test. Inside it, I put random questions coverage of our test. The questions are from my lectures, seatworks and or assignments only with, of course, correct answers. Then, I shake it everytime I'm going to pick one. After that, I get my phone and set a timer. Cause to tell you honestly, WE ARE ON TIME PRESSURE EVERYTIME WE'LL HAVE AN ACTIVITY. So to practice myself, I use a timer. 2 minutes  for every easy questions. Then 3-5 minutes for the hardest questions. And to check my answer, I'll get my notes and look for it.

It was easy to say, I understand now the topics. But to tell you honestly again, maybe because the questions have been already answered. But when it is already new set of questions, it will took me alot of time to get it. And sometimes, I really don't get it at all and it end up giving up even I reviewed 2-3days before that day. It looks like... It is still not enough thou.

After stuDYING Math, I moved on with my another subject which is one of my major subject, Economics with Basic Taxation & Agrarian Reform.

And yeah! I'M GONNA DIE! I'm not engaged and my parents didn't engage me on reading books. So basically, I'm not fond of reading. But my course, needs to be a bookwormy so even I'm not into it, I need to be that thing. *Le cries.

But slowly, I'm getting used to these type of books, the educational one, and definitely not the ficitonal books. And it's too funny, my Dad know about it. Except the Math, reading thick ENGLISH books are also one of my weaknesses. But he always, as in always, everythime I'm loosing hope, everytime I'm getting down because of these type of works, he always cheer me up. He always say, "dati ganyan din ako, basa ka lang ng basa. Kapag hindi mo alam, tignan mo sa dictionary."

And now, he's already a CAO of Budget and Planning Office. Awweee~ He's my number one idol! Because he really inspire me! Especially when I'm getting down.

So that's for today, I still have alot of things to do. Ciao~. :)

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