Life Recently Vol. 3: When Summer Ends

by - Sunday, June 12, 2016

So yes... this is the saddest thing that I never ever want to happen, when summer was already over again! I don't know what should I feel about it. I feel so unhappy, because I didn't enjoy my summer. I remember when it's was just starting, I told myself that, "Hey Nicole, be productive this summer. Don't waste any day of it." But it turns out, "all-do-nothing-day-this-whole-summer". I can't remember anything that I made productively. All i did was, 

> wake up > still on bed while using laptop > pick up cellphone and still on bed > laptop again > eat > laptop > eat > laptop > watch movie > eat >  sleep < 

Hayst, definitely productive Nicole, huh?!

I regret doing nothing! I even told myself that I am going to read my Economics book! But I failed to! Ugh! Instead of studying in advance for the next school year, I even forgot everything that our professors (even all the lessons my professor in major) taught us. As in all, wala ng natira sa utak ko. Hirap talaga pagdating sa academics, nagiging short-term ang memory ko. Ahekhekhek!

I also planned that I am going to gala anywhere, lalo na wala naman pasok! Freeeeeeeee ako! Kaso wala namang budget! Huhu! #ThugLayf (Meron naman akong napuntahan with my big and younger brother pero hindi sapat T_T) Tsaka hindi ako nakapagswimming! (Though may swimming-an naman sa Malangaan, pero hindi kami nagbeach o kahit private pool man lang. Feeling ko tuloy hindi nag Summer. Lol)

But behind all of that, kahit masyadong sobrang aga yung naging outing with family and friends, at least, we're able to experience it. Yung nga lang, sobrang aga talaga. Isipin mo ba naman, March, eh naguumpisa pa lang 'yung bakasyon. Ayun, nga nga nung huli. Hehehe!

But anyways, In spite of my 'all-do-nothing-day' I still tried to list down some of activities I found myself productive this summer:
  • Me and one of my friend, Jean tried to make our own business (part time job). Kasi nga tengga lang sa bahay. Nagcustomize kami ng T-shirt printing. Kaso hindi rin nagtagal, kasi umuwi siya sa probinsya niya. If I remember it correctly, we only had one batch of orders and as of now, yung second batch, hindi pa rin tapos. Lol. Wala kasi siya e! Wala akong katuwang!
  • Because of the phenomenon Korean drama these days, "Descendants of the Sun", I am so desperate to learn Korean/Hangul. So I teach myself alone, thanks to internet, I am able to learn it for free. I memorized their Alphabet, and I am already familiar to some of their words. Basic words lang, hehe.
  • Update and catch up my blog posts, fixed my blog as well. Because of that, I got to know how to tweak blogpsot's html template.
  • Yup! I did jogging with Jean (again), but it doesn't took long. (Siguro 3-4 days lang, kasi araw araw, tinamad na kami. Hahaha!) 
  • I finished a book! A wattpad story! At last! (Kasi puro epub ako, hehe, like: Anna ATFK & Lola ATBND)
  • Customized my own planner, and calendar (I put some inspirational words, in case I got out of the right track. Lol) 
'Yun lang, wala na akong maisip na iba pa. Hahaha! Kasi wala na naman talaga! Haha!

Sighed. Nalalapit na naman ang panibagong yugto ng aking 'college life'

That's all I can share for now.

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  1. Yay! You have a lot of time to spare. Nakakainggit! :)


  2. So sad, my summer is already finished n July TT

    Kisses, DadieB. ~

  3. Great post!
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    Have a nice day!

  4. Looking forward to all your future post! Thanks for commenting on Qing's Style!


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    Blogwalking here! Just making a short post on your cool and awesome blog. :)

    Keep it up! Keep us posted!

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