Zambales Sandy Beach and Deep Blue Sea

by - Thursday, May 04, 2017

March 18-19, 2017.

Being just a college student, who school-study-home, is too boring (in my opinion) if I'm not going to go on adventure once in a while. And because our semester ended so early than what we expected, my blockmates-friends planned an out of town trip. If I remembered it correctly, my blockmates-friends I was talking about planned to go to Baguio last year but sadly, I didn't pursue it. I don't know. But I really regret not joining them, and because of that, I promised to myself that this year I will come whenever they invited me and wherever it will be. And so it is.

This is my first ever camping and island hopping. I am totally excited about it. Before the day of our trip, we assigned things-to-bring to each other: tents, foods, pillows, etc., where we will meet and what time.

The call time is 7 am, so we can travel at 9 am. But we didn't expect that tickets will be sold at that time, and we have no choice but to wait a couple of hours. The next on schedule was 11 am after Karl was fall in line at the ticket booth, he told us that 11 am was already full. So the time we must depart has been delayed for another couple of hours. But luckily, the kondoktor, let us enter in the bus the moment the bus will go on board. We thought we're going to stand the whole journey, but nah, we didn't. God was really good, He gave us exactly the number of seats we needed. 

We arrived at the location around 4 pm. We shopped first at the nearest public market for the foods we will cook in the island. And then, we arrived exactly at Anawangin Island around 5 pm. We set up our tents and prepared the foods we bring. But it took us so long that we aren't be able to swim after that. I also haven't seen the sunset. The time passed by so fast, we doesn't want yet to sleep, cause it's too early. So we decided to stargazed. We lay down on the sand near the water and watch the stars sparkle. We also brought some food we prepared: grilled hotdog and mallows in sticks. 

And we are about to sail!
Ps. Love the sunlight reflection on the sea. It's sparkling.

When you see the people hiking. Lol.

Anawangin Cove

Before we sleep, we set our time of wake up first. It has been decided that we will wake up at 6 am. but ended up at 7 am. The time that our bangkeros will fetch us was sharp 8 am. We only have 1 hour left to prepare foods, swim and fix our things. And so we did. The boat arrived at Anawangin around 8:30 am. 

We had hardcore discussion if we should go island hopping now and bring all our things or leave it in this island and just return after island hopping. But it ends up, bringing with us in the entire island hopping. We went at Capones Island first and waited us for an hour. The next island we went was Camara Island where they left us for couple of hours. I think 3 hours.

I did enjoy the waves. It can really bring me back to the shore. Nakakaaliw. And saya! Haha. Pagpasensensyahan niyo na, first timer e. He he.

Capones Island

Camara Island

The video blog is coming right after this post. Thank you for passing by! Hope to see you around! :)

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  1. Beach side would be nice without those tents. Few tent will be acceptable :-)