Art Fest: Celebrate your Creativity

by - Friday, June 03, 2016

I never thought that i will be able to experience this kind of event. Because in my entire seventeen years of experience, though i am already living in Manila for study, I am not able to go and experience this kind of event. I thought this is going to be just an ordinary day shopping for school supplies (that I will blog next time) with my siblings minus my little brother who's the only one left in the house with his nanny. 

Our parents told us na sumunod nalang after their office hours. Meaning, we're (Me, My 2 brother) only going to the SM. Luckily, I am already expert in transporting. Hehe, coz it's already been a year when I learned to go to Manila alone. It took us only one hour until we reach the SM. It's not their first time because I already sinama them on the past (to get my things at my dorm, and when I am having a meet-up with my online seller. That was another story). 

"Maghanap na kayo ng bibilhin niyo. Para mamaya, bibilhin na lang natin." that's what my mother told us.

Honestly, hindi namin kabisado yung SM. Kaya naman dumating ýung puntong naligaw kami. haha! Umm, not really. Nalilito lang kami kasi parang magkakamukha lang ýung dinadaanan namin. Haha! But then, we unintentionally reached this interesting part of the SM. Where most of their events are held. We were their all the time until our parents arrived. 

And this says it all. 
The freedom of wall. At first we're all hesitate if we're also going to write something. But when we saw the box filled with pens, aha, we get each one of us and write or draw something.
My young bro's drawing.
He, drawing again another one. Actually, he was the only one among us who have the guts drawing anything.
Find my young bro's drawings for nth time? :)
The skull & Eyes.

And another one, a sketch of Maleficent. 
I really love to draw, but when this time comes, I already forgot how to draw.
Find my and my oldest bro's drawing.
No more clues. It's already obvious. Lol.

This part's for watercolor painters.

And we also got free photobooth here at Fujifil Instax booth. Though, the picture was quite epic. Coz my bro's head are cut in the intax wide film. I don't know why they didn't tell us. Maybe, because it was only free and their subject for the photo was the big "instax" infront of their booth.

Nagkaroon pa nga kami ng hindi pagkakaintindihan nung mga kapatid ko e. Ang bagal ko daw kasing maglakad, kaya naman pinauna ko sila. E, sila din naman hindi alam ang pupuntahan. One time, my young brother was the one leading the way, though I know it was wrong, I still followed him para makita niyang mali siya. Tsk. And when he knew he's wrong, I hurriedly go back to where we are awhile ago and leave them both. Hahaha! 

We also went to the Trinoma. Kasi nandoon ýung POP CULTURE. (All items of famous instagram shops) It was my first time, exactly, I still have money. So I bought new clothes for my school. Hirap talagang walang uniform ang school e. And there comes the time while I am choosing clothes, my two brother got bored and went outside the shop. When I am already done, I look for them outside the shop but I didn't saw them. I thought to myself, "bahala sila. Wala akong load." As I am on my way back to the SM North, I saw them at SkyGarden looking for me. Tawa ko lang noong nakita ko sila! 

"O ano? Naligaw kayo?" 

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  1. this looks like a really fun event. I wish they also have this here in Iloilo. really nice blog. hope you could spare a time to check our blog =) keep in touch

    1. Maybe, who knows. Thank you! Thank you for stopping by. Oh sure, i love stalking other's blogs. :)