The Carnival at Night

by - Saturday, January 16, 2016

(You may read this first "The Come Back of Naive Gals" before reading this)

I thought this will be the end of our day. But I am wrong. Exactly the carnival outside the venue was still there. We decided to try it! It was my first time to try the carnival rides. We only tried two different rides that was really looks like for teens, but the rest, I think was for kids.

The last ride

The nakakahilong swing. Haha! I mean, "The flying fiesta" version.
The ticket was too cute! :) I love how the design.
Because the flying fiest was not that really scary, I still managed carefully to capture them while it was turning around. Sadly, me myself, doesn't have like this shot. Huhu. Jelly. Haha! Joke.

This is the favorite shot I took while it was turning around.
When the flying fiesta was finally over, all of us looks so dizzy. Because it will really make you dizzy and looks like you doesn't enjoyed because your eye vision was literally spinning after. But I still had fun!

The first ride

So the first ride which we really enjoyed, and to me,  slightly scared was this, "Caterpillar." The funny thing was, the seat should contain two person. We're exactly four but Leila's boyfriend was also here, so the one person, will doesn't have a partner. And it was Jean, a very kind of her, it was okay (because she doesn't have any choice, hehe) we thought of grabbing someone out there so she will not be alone. But it was only a joke. My partner was Izy. 

Leila said, her boyfriend not really riding in any amusement rides, but because I think for her girlfriend, he does. And in my point of view, it's not good to look the only boy who was with us today will not even try it even just once.

At the back was the couple, jean was alone at the middle, and us, Izy was infront. At first we thought of videoing ourselves, but when the ride unexpectedly start without any signal, that thought failed. While it was turning around, binalutan ako ng takot. It really not look safe. Feeling ko talaga titilapon ako! Kaya hindi ko sinasadya na sobrang igitgit yung sarili ko sa katabi kong si Izy habang sobrang kapit ko sa hawakan. Kasi tuwing ito ay liliko, para ka talaga ma-out of balance. Hindi ka lang makahawak ng ayos, titilapon ka for sure. Hahahaha. I remember there was also a time when Izy was making fun of me, I screamed something like, "malalaglag ako!" she's laughing at me, "palibhasa wala ka dito sa kinalulugaran ko." Isipin mo kasi tuwing liliko, yung katawan mo mapapatabingi, tapos yung katabi mo ang bigat, mapapabigat pa saýo, e hirap na hirap ka na pigilan malaglag. Haha!

After the rides, we also tried the other games. I forgot what they called it. Leila's boyfriend also played and won some stuffs that was all for her.


This is the first time that we're complete in a carnival! Even it was just only a short time, it feels really good. I hope this will happen again someday. And next time, sana sa mga biggest amuesment park na, like Enchanted Kingdome, Star City or even Sky Ranch. 

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  1. we will always be grown ups that never get old. :D

    Does Sky Ranch has all ride you can now? That will be cool, if ever! ;D

    Myx / Myxilog; A Tale of an Extraordinary Dish

    1. Hi Lady_Myz :) Yes! They were now offering. Just contact them first through their website. Because they are not selling "all ride you can" if you're walk in clients. :)