Venice Piazza Grand Canal Mall at McKinely Hill

by - Tuesday, March 15, 2016

If you're wondering and wishing  to be in Venice, Italy but sadly you can't because no travel budget. Good thing, in Philippines, specifically in Taguig, a replica and an inspired Italy's Piazza San Marco has opened into public! It was called Venice Piazza Grand Canal. Located in Mckenly Hill, Taguig City.

NOTE: Please don't try to steal any of my photos. In case you need any of my photos, you can reach me through my email Or ask permission by just commenting below. Do not take any of my photographs out of this blog, without asking for a permission.

Even it was only a replica, it was still a dream come true to be in this lovely yet romantic place, The Venice Piazza Grand Canal. I never thought that I'm going to travel and have a chance to be here. I've been searching this place on how can I get here in Google Maps. Most of my friends already been here, so I thought, do I have the chance to get here? I also been preasured how can I get here, because someone told me, it's was too difficult to go here especially when you doesn't have a car. Or in other, you're a commuter, because it was in the inside and no public vehicles can go there.

Last time my college buddies already invited me to come with them in Venice Piazza Grand Mall. But  I refused it, because it was Friday afternoon, and I'm going home to my province. I don't regret anything by refusing it. Because I know there will still be chance that I can go here. And unexpectedly, the perfect time was today,. Yeay! Unexpectedly because today, we're busy looking for a place that was perfect for our topic in our English project, which was Real Estate Commercial or Advertisment. At first we decided to go in BGC, because we all know that there are a lot of scattered buildings there and it was really perfect for our topic, Real Estate. But it ended up here in the new attraction in Philippines, the Venice Piazza Grand Canal.

I was really amazed starting when I get off the jeep, crossed the road and personally see the trademark of McKinley Hill. It is a sign that you're already in the place. I feel like I was in another country actually. 

Before you reach the Venice Piazza, you still have to walk and pass from the colorful and lovely buildings (I think it was like a condominium buildings and subdivisions) at each side of the road where you'll walk. I am dreaming that maybe, someday, I could also have a chance to buy a house there. Because if you're really in this place, you will feel like you're in other country, honestly. Buttttt, when my another friend who was also with me in this short travel, gave me a trivia, that the house or even just a condo cost 3M (it was already the lowest price that the house or a condo can be) and I was like, "What?!" I think I am already backing out e. Haha!

So after the long walk, you'll know that you're almost in the place when you see this thing, hehe. We used the footbridge to go to the other side of the street, and tadaaaa~! We're already here. 

So, as I entered, my eyes can't get off how beauty the place was. My eyes were locked in every details of its architectures. You'll probably believe me more after seeing all the photos on the following that I personally took.

The First Side 

The Second Side

The Third Side

Time to go home


Before going home

We eat first in McDo. It's already obvious on the picture below hehe. The place was not  like any McDo, because the design inside was still about Venice, Italy.

  Last sight seeing for today

My travel buddies for today. Thank you guys! :)

Honestly, I didn't get a chance to go around the place and look every edge of it, because we need to shoot for our project that would be pass before the end of the last semester. So what you'll saw are just likely sneak peek of the place. 

I promise to myself, I will go back here anytime, because I already know how to transport here hehe and when I go back, I am going to try the famous book & coffee shop (Book & Borders Cafe) that you'll see on one of the side of the streets when you entered the McKinley Hill. And if you didn't notice, I doesn't have any picture of Gondola (boat), because when we're there, they were cleaning the canal. So hopefully, when I had a chance to go back again in this lovely yet romantic place, the inspired The Venice Piazza Grand Canal, I can finally see and try the famous boat. 

Have you been here also? Let me know  your review about this lovely place by commenting down below. And thank you so much for being here! Hope to see you on my next blog. Bye!

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