One Day Tagaytay Adventure 1/3: Almost in the mouth of an Active Volcano

by - Tuesday, March 29, 2016

So, if you're wonder why the title is like that, "One Day Taagaytay Adventure" then "Almost in the mouth of an  Active Volcano." Probably, you'd ask me, "Is there any volcano in Tagaytay?" There's none. But thing was, there's a story behind that. You'll know the reason, if you'd continue reading this.

Yung dati na sa malayo ko lang siya natatanaw, pero ngayon I am close enough na sa volcano. 

Today is what we ― my best group of friends, are actually waiting for! On the contrary, it's sad to know that we're not complete in this (first sana naming) summer adventure. But I know, I should not regret it. Because I strongly believe that there will be bunch of adventures coming and will come along our way.

In today's adventure, I decided to divide it into three different blog posts because if it's only one post, it will be too long and we will all get bored. Anyways, after couple of months of planning and waiting for the perfect day to happen, it was all worth the wait! (Kahti nakakalungkot pa rin talaga na hindi kami nakumpleto.) We don't actually plan this so well because I also believe, "Ang sobrang planado lakad nauuwi sa wala." What we just planned are these stuffs below:
  1. Where to go? TO TAGAYTAY!
  2. Save money for: fuel + Skyranch Tagaytay ride-all-you-can ticket that was 70% something off on sale! + pocket money.
  3. Ideal month (and not date!) when? SUMMER VACATION!
We bought the ticket for only 350 PHP! I'm not promoting or something to impress you guys. I just want to let you know, it is better to avail on sale tickets because it will help you to minimize your travel expenses. On sale items was indeed a life saver, life changing experience! But of course, choose a better on-sale deals. Don't just purchase it immediately. Don't be reckless. Know first what are it's benefits and how much you'll save from it's original price. Dapat yung may dangal. Char! 

So let's move on,we decided to leave around 6 am. They told us to prepared ourselves early so we can still rome around the Tagaytay. So, I arrived in one of my best friend's house on or before 5 pm ― in Jean's house, we're together with her parents because we'll be using their car. I just bought adobo that was only good for us. Haha! Then some chips, 6 different chips lang naman! Haha!

After we fetch Leila, we started our adventure! And so, after 2 and a half hours of trip, we're now finally in Tagaytay! The first thing we did was, we intentionally passed by the Skyranch before we rome around.

I know, It's a wrong angle It's just that, Tito unintentionally stopped the car in this way. He he!
Next, Picnic Groove na naman. Pero iba kasi ang experience kapag mga kaibigan (kaibigan ko din naman sila, mga college buddies ko that I am with in Picnic Grove) but what am I saying was, your best friends that ngayon mo na lang nakasama nang matagal, di ba? After paying, entering and parking in the place, there's this man come near us. He's waiting outside the car. He's a typical man that you'll encounter when you're in this place. He's offering us discounted "boat ride" to the Taal Volcano! We refused, but Tito (Jean's father, the one who drove us (thanks Tito by the way!)) So anyway, as I was saying, I can feel Tito wants to give it a try. Kami naman, nangangaba kasi ang mahal. 1,600 PHP kasi e. Original price was around 2,000+ PHP something. Sabi lahat na daw 'yun. Kaya naman gusto nila Tito subukan. It will be our first time kung tutuloy kami. Sagot daw nila Tito't Tita yung 1,000. Tapos hati-hati na daw kami sa remaining. 

And it turns out, tadaaa~! Gumora na kami! It feels so good kapag unexpected yung advenrure, right? We almost hit the mouth of the active (Taal) volcano. Again, we didn't literally go to the Taal Volcano. Ewan , di ko gets. Basta ganto, ýung taal volcano, dead na. Kaya doon kami dinala nung stranger sa activedaw ekang volcano. Before riding the boat, we eat first our brunch na ata ýon e, at their resorts beside the beach and at the same time, their port. I forgot what resorst it was. Basta, it was located in Batangas. The cottage was free, if you avail the man's offer. 

And so, after we ate our brunch, we fixed first our things before going to the volcano and prepared something to eat, but the most important essential was water or somemthing to drink. Kasi sabi nung man mauuhaw at magugutom daw ang sino mang magpunta doon.

Trust me, it's the sky eye! Charot!
I can't even imagine, how far we traveled UNEXPECTEDLY if it's not because of this photo.
From the top to bottom. It was incredibly fast!
We didn't took so long in the place dahil madami pa kaming pupuntahan (wala e, sinusulit ang araw Haha!) Besides, we're not sooo ready in this adventure. That's why we decided to cut off na lang ýung moment namin. Hanggang "station of the cross" lang kami, the first station.

So... back to the topic, They were insisting all of us to rent a horse, kasi masyado daw'ng malayo ýun.  Hindi namin kayang lakadin. 4KM kasi. It will took us too long to reach the mouth of the volcano. Pero still, we decided na maglakad na lang and  we Jean's parents was the only one who rented a horse. Para kahit isa lang daw, merong dalang horse. Mahal kasi, 500 PHP per head. Ang chaka! Haha! Tsaka, kasi nga hindi naman talaga namin ito napagplanuhan, kaya we're not ready. 

But  I was blessed that I experienced this kind of adventure together with my friends and my friend's parents. I hope, when we had chance to go back again here, kumpleto na tayong apat and ready na tayo like we're prepared for any expenses na mangyayari.

So I hope you'll enjoy all the photos that I am going to share to all of you guys. 

Going to the alive volcano, me and Leng, are seated at the back. Sabi ko likod kami para hindi kami sapul nang tubig. Pero, I am definitely wrong! Haha! But anyways, buti hindi kami ganun kabasa. DAHIL WALA AKONG PAMALIT! Yup! Hindi ako nakapagdala, kasi I know, wala namang ganitong water adventure. Tsaka, ako ýung tipo nang tao, hindi maarte sa damit, basta may masuot. Char! And not like the others, konting pawis pa lang, magpapalitna agad. 
Meet Jean and her lovely and so kind parents! If it's not to them, hindi namin ito mararanasan.
And we're finally in the island!
But before we go down, isang picture muna!
And another one, just the three of us. Extra lang si manong driver.
Unang tapak sa island, isang picture ulit. Sorrry hagardo, masyadong nakakalerki ýung agos kanina, hindi ako magkandaugaga plus the strong wind blowing on us.
So peaceful place, pero parang community na din siya.  Because you'll actually see houses along the way when you started to hike.
Wala pa sa tuktok, maganda na agad ang view e. Paano pa kaya kung tinuloy namin pagakyat, di ba?
This is what I am talking about. Dito lang kami umabot. He he.
When we're on our way back to the cottage. Now, sa harap kami pumwesto. The three of us. Pero kami ni Jean magkatabi, then si Leila sa harap na harap. 
I know it's blurred, ngayon ko lang na pansin, pasenya na. Lol! 
Hagardo na naman. This time, ako ang sobrang basa! As in my entire right thigh to it's leg, was really wet! Sakto pa, wala akong pamalit. Haha! #LessonLearned, I should always bring extra clothes. And before going back to Tagaytay, pinagpatuyo muna nila ako. Kasi, kahit sila, walang maipapahiram sa akin. Wala silang extra clothes, pero may extra clothes sila para sa sarili nila. (Anooo daw? haha!)
Okay, it was my 2nd time na to ride on a horse! yay! Ngayon hindi na siya magulo. Hindi tulad ni Whitey, on my blog post "Tagaytay Picnic Grove" He he.

To be continue...
NEXT: Summer 2016 in Tagaytay! #02: Picnic Grove PT. 2.0

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  1. Di namin naakyat yung tuktok dati kasi di kami prepared sa budget, haha! The boat trip was really cool tho!

    Love, Richel. | Richel Goes Places

    1. Same Haha! Yup! We did enjoy it :) Thanks for stopping by, Richel :)