Tagaytay Picnic Grove Escapade with College Buddies

by - Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I had so much fun today! I thought I'm just going to go around Manila, but I am definitely wrong. Because this time, Nicole will be traveling Tagaytay City for the first time in her whole life with no parents companion, only college buddies.

At first taking pictures is what I really want that's why I agree to come with them. But when we're nearly going home, I thought that maybe, i should also take videos. Because videos is much better that photos. You'll actually see it in different angles, you'll perfectly see the places you went. Not just only in pieces of pictures.

But anyway, here are some pictures I took for today. Please don't try to steal any of my photos. In case you need any of my photos, you can reach me through my email kittycolz.contact@gmail.com

Picnic Grove Tagaytay, City

The affordable and all worthy entrance fee!
So in my today's  awesome travel buddies, meet them.  
Everywhere you see was just a breathe taking view.
The trademark of Tagaytay!
You'll know that you're already in Tagaytay, if you're now seeing pine trees everywhere.  

One day escapade with my college buddies that I don't usually go with when we're in school was absolutely amazing. Because one of my classmates'celebrating her birthday in Cavite. Before we go there, we decided to stroll in Tagaytay though, it was all our first time with no parents at our side. It's amazing how Karl (the leader of this adventure) that really have no experience in traveling alone, but still, we arrived in Picnic Grove very safe. He thought that he only knew how in Google. So basically he searched how to go there. My budget only for today's adventure was 500 pesos, but there's still excess to it.

Where we stayed for a couple of minutes. Where you can see the breathe taking Taal Volcano view.

In a short while we've been here in Picnic Grove, I still managed to take some videos. So here it is, for all of you guys.

Sa mga hindi pa nakakapunta dito, you should go here! You'll probably love the place. Even it's sunny, the blow of the wind was still cold, and it proves that you're really in Tagaytay.

I swear I'll go back again here, at lilibutin ko yung buong Picnic Groove! 

Can I hear some review from you about the pictures I shared to all of you for today. Thank you in advance! :)

As I end this blog, just wanna share to you the best picture I had for today. HAHAHA

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