The Come Back of Naive Gals

by - Saturday, January 16, 2016

This is one of my unforgettable moments in my life. Why? Because after a couple of months, we, the four of us united again as one! And it made me more happier because, we united in the same occasion where "Naive Gals", our group title, was formed, the Synergy. But today, it was combined with the Fusion, an event specifically for preschooler to elementary. That's why it is called, "Synersion".

The Synersion

At first, I really have no idea that the Synergy will be today. Except when my friend, Leila, chatted us that the Principal cordially invited all the champions of the Synergy from the beginning.

" what maám beng said "

I became more excited when the ticket was free for us. At first, I didn't believe that it was really free. That's why I hesitate to come. But when Leila made sure that it was really free, hindi na ako dalawang isip. I should be opportunity grabber this time. Kahit ngayon lang. Because the ticket was pricey (100PHP) and I don't think it will worth the program. I doubt even I know I should not. but it's me, a negative thinker. 

In the morning, I had a light spinning with my dad & my brother (the blog before this). Before I leave the house, I did not forget to charge my camera for the event later. So when it was almost time to go, I fixed myself and prepared to bring the stuffs I should. When I'm already in our meeting place, Leila was already there. When I tried ro capture something, I didn't notice that the SD card of my camera was replaced, in fact, it was really okay to be replaced but unluckily, the SD card was wrecked! So how can I use it today? I even charged it pa, then I could not use it naman pala. So I thought of going back home to get it; or if my younger brother could bring it for me. But unluckily (again) he was also on the same place where I am. 

I don't want to regret everything, so I choose to go home and get it. I intentionally left my phone to Leila, tanda na babalik ako. Haha. Happily, I still arrived there before the event starts. But one of our friend, Jean, arrived late. At first, nagturuturuan kami who will fetch her outside outside. At the end, I'm the only one who left. 

So the event finally starts.

This guy, from our Alma Matter was really new to us, but he is actually. If  I remember it correctly, he was there to make the school much better. He's not the principal, but in the way he does, you'll think he was.

This girl upside was Izy's niece. I'm so happy that even our seats are literally far from the stage, we're at the right side corner at the back, my camera still can capture her like I was near from her.

Then, the new champion of the Synergy for school year 2015-2016 was the group of "The Revenge"
The second was the photo on the top of this, a band entitled, 

Happily, we had a chance to take a picture with him (a special request of Leila's boyfriend, for her) with our high school classmate (the third person from the left)


When the program was finally over! For closing remarks, I heard that our principal who invited us acknowledge our presence today. Literal na closing na talaga, konting tao nalang talaga 'yung natira. Tipong ready na i-close yung venue. Haha!

" the actual video soon to be uploaded"

Did you guys hear it?

I thought this will be the end of our day. But I am wrong. Exactly the carnival outside the venue was still there. We decided to try it! It was my first time to try the carnival rides. We only tried two different rides that was really looks like for teens, but the rest, I think was for kids.



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