2016 Goals

by - Friday, January 01, 2016

Beside of creating my own bucket list which I called it my life goals, I still make a list about the goals I'm going to strive this year, 2016. I hope I will achieve this all; or maybe even just some in my list. So let me start now.

Instead of calling this my "New Year Resolution" I rather call this my 2016 goals it is much better than calling it a resolution. Because most of the people making a list of their yearly resolution were unsuccessful. And are you just going to change every first of the year? Let's come to think, we should set our goals, not just resolution. It is better because, at least, you can proudly say that you achieved (even some of) your goals this year. But anyways, here is my list of my goals this year.

#1: Attend a mass regularly every Sunday. I'm going to be honest, I seldom attend to a mass, because first reason was, I don't have any companion. My parents were so busy. Ending no have time to go to church. But I know, they were praying before sleeping.

#2: Make reading bible a habit. Read every morning or evening. So I'll start my day fine and or end it great because of the wisdom of God.  And again, I'm going to be honest, I haven't done reading this. When I was young, we don't have a subject about this and I haven't experienced joining a bible study. So basically, I don't know - I was just only familiar with some of its content.

#3: Less expense, more savings. Think for you debut (pointing out to myself). Yes you (myself). You should earn as early as now. Total you already have your own ATM Card. Savings goal: 20,000 php.

#4: Less social media, more books. Full mybookshelves of books this year. Buy book/s each month. At least finish a book or two books every month.

#5: Less fangirl-ing, more time to study. Likewise, less social media so I'll have more time in studying. And I really need to study now. Because my course wasn't just like an ordinary course. It was on the 2nd top of the hardest course. Serious mode muna sa studies.

#6: Be more organize. Use your time wisely. Always update your calendar if there's any event or things you have to be done. Also, make everyday's goal. So you'll not get off of your right track.

#7: Be one of a Dean's Lister anytime of the year. Charot lang! Pero kung keri, gora. Haha!

#8: Have a sideline or part-time job this year. Again, anytime and any job this year.

#9: Loose weight. Maybe, 10lbs? Because I know that I'm already too huge than my old days. No rice kuno. Haha!

#10: Have a white skin! My skin color wasn't my real color. I want my real skin color to go back.

#11: Wear a scapular. Also, anytime of the year. If I had a chance na makalapit sa pari. I would do it and ask for his blessing to wear the scapular.

#12: Invest for yourself: (a) a new shirt per week/month (b) new pants per month (c) new shoes per month. So you'll finally get your cabinet full of clothes.

#13: Positive vibes only. Take away my negatives. So I'll have a positive life this year.

#14: Attend to a singing session, or piano lessons. Learn to sing and play piano. It's my ever dream, and will always be my dream.

#15: More adventures. Yes! I would love to! So I'll also save money for my future adventures this year.

#16: Try gym session anytime this year. But sadly, I don't have any gym body. Who wants to be?

#17: Finish a novel, even in Wattpad only.

#18: Be a photographer this year, in any kind of event or have a photoshoot with someone.

#19: Carpe Diem. Make your everyday your last day. 

#20: Survive Economics! 

2 0 1 6 , H E R E   I   A M! ~Nicole.

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