Christmas 2015

by - Saturday, December 26, 2015

Gifts under the Christmas tree. Yeh~ 
Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you had a blessed Christmas yesterday. If you would ask me, I really had one. We are complete - my whole family and I, went to the church and listen to the word of God. Honestly, we don't usually went to the church as a whole. And the funny thing was we only attend church near our home. Literally. A few blocks only away from our house. I really want somewhere far so that we'll also have bonding time. But because my mom's going to cook for our foods for that day. Another thing, we didn't celebrate Noche Buena. How sad, but the main reason, because we need to wake up early to attend church and if we didn't sleep early, mom thought we might have struggle waking up early. But that's okay. Maybe next time we will celebrate Noche Buena na.

And when we already went home, getting ready na mamamasko, there's something in me - it's first time I feel it, that nahihiya na ako mamasko. 

"tara punta na tayo sa kanila" my younger brother told me. He was talking about 'mamasko na kami'. 

"Ayaw ko. Nakakahiya." I replied.

I tried myself na hindi mahiya because I badly need money that my parents won't give me. I thought that whenever I will receive money this Christmas I would hurriedly buy JaDine's ticket concert. But becasue my money wasn't enought, I'll be needing na mamasko.  But then, it's always repeating in my mind, "Malaki ka na. Nakakahiya na."

And I failed. The money I got this Christmas while sinasamahan ko yung maliit kong kapatid mamasko wasn't enough to buy the ticket. Huhu. But I told myself on the first week of class next year, and if the ticket was still available, I would really buy it. 

But anyways, today I'm going to share to all of you what I got this Christmas and what I bought for myself. Even malaki na ako, I expected I won't receive any gift this Christmas, but gladly, I still get a chance to receive something. Funny thing that I haven't receive anything I list down in my Christmas-wish-list. But it's okay. So here they are: 

Opening the presents I received. Yeay!
Thank you for those who remembered me by greeting me thru a private message and nagabala pang magbigay ng regalo.
PS: Pardon my face.
The first gift I received it two days before Christmas which was last December 23.  It was from my one of my three bff. We decided to meet before Christmas so we can give our presents for each other.... I posted a blog about it was before this blog.

When I opened it I was shocked! Not just because of happiness, but also because of her craziness! I laughed so hard the moment I saw it. Do you guys wanna know why I reacted like that? Because... of this,

The best Christmas gift I evah received! Love you Leila! Pwe. :p

She just gave us (yes, the three of us friends) this. Hahaha! Do you already recognized what is it? What was the first thing you saw? Hahaha. She gave us underwear with a bracelet. When I told her my reaction about the gift she gave to me,

Okay, and these are the next things I got when I finally open the gifts for me:

I received a body back or a neck bag (lol, just kidding) because I always see a ton of men wearing this on their neck. So I thought this is a neck back. He he. Love it by the way!  
I received this two stuffs - a hankie and a (i don't know if this is a bracelet or a pony tail) but I love it! All pink! My signature color. Lol. Pero hindi na masyado ngayon. 
Woooohu! I received a lovely tote bag from my dad's office mate. A big thanks to her! 'Cause I love the print on this tote bag.
And yes! I received a gift from the  best-est Godmother I had. If that make any sense. Hehe. 
This was the last gift I received before the day ends. 

I know (or it was just me expecting lol kidding) but because and based on my what my friends said, yung gift nalang daw nila sa akin next year na 'pag resume  ng class.

Hindi na ako namasko sa malalayong lugar not like last year. Siguro hindi ko na feel ngayon, kasi malaki na ako e. Nakakahiya na lalo. I grown up already. Pero that's all right. The gifts were just a symbol of the true essence of Christmas. But the real meaning of Christmas was remembering that today Papa Jesus was born. 

Anyways, I'm not yet finish, I will also post the stuffs I bought as a gift for myself. So here they are:

I purchased it on Book Sales SM North. I had a struggle on what book/s I'm going to buy. It took an hour, yes literally, before I decided on what book I'm going to purchase. I thought of buying the books I really want (it was Anna and the French Kiss Series) but I told to myself, I'm just going to buy it next year and the other books I also want.  And I think this was a good book to read. I'm going to have a review of these two books after I read it.Stay tune for it! :)
And yeah, another JaDine magazine collection. This mag was double cover, so beside it was Ms. Charo. I'm thinking of  also creating a review, or what I learned or knew after reading this. But anyways, whatever I decide, we'll just know it afterwards. He he.
And lastly (only for this blog I think), I bought a "monthly planner" I didn't expect that this will be my planner this year. But anyways, I was just get attracted  and motivated even more after reading what on the top, "Make Today Amazing". And yah, don't mind that watch beside, it was just a props. You know, blogger kunno. Lol. 
That's all. I hope I'll see you in my next blog. Comment down any thoughts in your mind after reading thiss. I would love to read it. Thank you! 

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