Shakey's October Feast Everyday, All Day!

by - Saturday, October 31, 2015

This is just a quick blog today. I'm just happy how my day end up with my family.

Before I started my blog, my li'l bro just want to greet you a Happy Halloween! Rawr!

So let me start. Today, it was just an ordinary holiday with my family. Nothing more, nothing less. Not when, while we are in our nipa hut or bahay kubo, my mom thought about "Kumain kaya tayo sa labas?" This was the first time that my parents unexpectedly thought of something like that, like going out and eat with the whole family. I'm really shocked - but actually hindi lang ako, also my dad was surprised too.

"Ililibre mo kami?"my dad asked.

"Oo. Kaysa naman bumili ako ng damit. Hindi naman ako masasayahan." she replied.

So we had a great dinner at the Shakey's with the my family. This is, I think, the second time na kumain kami sa labas ng kumpleto. Because we don't usually do it. We're always at home, and doing nothing. We're just going to eat and bond outside when it's Christmas, or there's a special event like birthday, but usually it is.

My brothers and I were really excited. Because finally! After a couple of months or I think it's already been a year that we haven't done this.

The photos you'll see below were all mine. I just want to share how I am addict in taking pictures. Hehe.

My old good damn vans just wanna say hello to you!

Okay! Start eating naaaaaaaaaaa! Yum! Yum! Yum!

And this is my li'l bro once again. Who told you na hindi pwedeng magkamay sa isang restaurant? Hmpppp. He looks like he really want the food. 

Kulitan after eating! Yeah! 
And for the last glimpse, thank you for tonight Shakey's. 

Happy Halloween from my family to yours.

I will cherish this moment 'til forever. Because in the first place, we're not the ideal family that always go out on lunch, or dinner, or have time to go out and have bonding time. My parents are always busy with their work and it was all because for us. So in the first place, we should understand it, even we don't usually do this, but at least, we're complete. And that was really matter. Having a complete family, was not just an important thing, but family was everything. Soon, when we already graduated from college and have a successful business and life, we can now help you and we can now already pay all the hard works you've done for us. I know, you're not able to read it. What I just wanna say, I'm not just happy but I'm very thankful and truly grateful that you were my parents. Even we're not expressive with each other, I know, and I can feel it through your hard works and worries to us that you love us.

So yeah, so much for the drama, I hope you also had fun with me while looking in the pictures as much as I did today. And I'm hoping to see you on my next blog!

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