Welcome to Makati!

by - Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Honestly, it was my first time to go to a condominium because we doesn't have. If my relatives have, I don't have the chance to go there. So let me start now, the leader of my group decided to go to her Tita's condominium at Makati. I don't know where in Makati. Because it was also my first time to go here in Makati. When I was still a child, my mother sinasama ako sa Makati minsan pero hindi ko alam kung saan sa Makati. The only thing I know is how to get there. We just ride on a PNR (Public National Railway) And it was also my first time to ride on a PNR. It was really fun tho! 

P.S. I noticed all that happened today are my first time. 

This photo was when we are waiting for the PNR to arrive at our station, Sta. Mesa station.

This photo was when the PNR has already arrived and I'm so excited to enter. At first I'm really nervous that what if it was full at hindi na kami makasakay pa. But then my classmate said, bukod ang sakayan ng lalaki sa babae. Sa unahan yung mga babae tapos sa dulo ng train ýung mga lalaki naman. Then before we enter the train, we put first our backpacks infront of us to avoid madukutan/manakawan.

Bumaba kami on the 5th station from Sta. Mesa station. The first thing we did after we went out of the train was to eat. So we went to the nearest store/food chain. My classmate told us that there was a small SM-like near their Condominium. So we didn't hesitate to go there. And when we are already at the Cash & Carry, we eat at Jollibee. Because we don't have enough money to eat in restaurants.

While eating, beside me I saw this this two, - a grandfather and a grandmother eating alone.  I told it to my blockmates about it then, and said, "Ang cute nila tignan oh. Sana nagkatabi nalang sila noh?"Total parehas naman silang nag-iisa."

After we ate we proceed now to her Condo. And this is it, The Linear Makati. When we entered the building we are all nervous again. Maybe the guard might not allowed us to enter. But then, the guard wasn't that strict and he allowed us easily after we logged-in on their logbook. When we entered the elevator, we're amazed. I don't know why. And also, I can't move the properly. Because there are a lot of CCTVs scattered and I'm not used to it. Cause you know, it's only my first time.

I really enjoy with my adventure today! 

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