Candles, Roses & Prayers: #01

by - Sunday, May 17, 2015

Today was my Grandma (at my Dad’s side) ‘s 8th Death Anniversary. I will never forget the day when my Mama died. Hindi lang dahil ito ang araw ng pagkamatay niya. Pero bukod doon, 17th of May is very remarkable in my mind and in my heart. And until now, it still breaks my heart when I suddenly remember it.

17th of May, we are invited at my godmother’s birthday. And after that event, later that night, that was the moment when my Mama died. The next day, 18th of May, it was my brother’s birthday. But instead we celebrate his birthday, we’re mourning the whole day. And then, exactly my Mama and her husband’s wedding anniversary, and my birthday, 21st of May, Mama buried.

It was really one of unforgettable happenings in my, rather in our lives. That’s the reason why I will not forget this day.

So today, it’s been 8 years since Mama left us. But I know, even we can’t see her, she’s just on our side. She’ll be always on our side even we need her or not. Her son, her daughters, her grandchildren, her husband, and the new member of our family Basty gathered and went where she buried.

Meet our new member of the family! Basty! :-)

We lighten up three candles and gave her three flowers, means "We Love You" and "We Miss You". Then of course, we offered a prayer for her safety and peace wherever she was now.

It wasn't in the middle. Because the wind keeps blowing off the light. So I decided to put it beside and block a piece of rock so it will not be blow-off again by the wind.

We miss and we love you so much Mama! 
We all know you’re already happy with God.

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