Concert: Darren Espanto & Juan Karlos

by - Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Yesssssss! This is the first time that I've been in a concert. Even though this was just a small concert, but it is still a concert. And even this was just held by a not-so popular university (I guess) but at least, my favorite phenomenal young singers --- Darren and Juan Karlos are the main guests.

I never thought that I'll have the chance to go with my two best friends (shout out for: Leila and Jean, if you guys reading this) 'Cause honestly, I don't have money to buy a ticket. My money wasn't enough to buy the VIP even if its only cost less (500PHP only, you were already in the first row) Because I can't afford the VIP, they told me to buy GA nalang cost 150PHP only. I hurriedly said "no". Hindi nalang din ako pupunta kung hindi ko rin naman sila makikita ng malapitan at kung hindi ko rin naman pala kasama yung dalawa kong kaibigan. 

Then happily, Leila's father was so very kind and generous. He let me to borrow some money so I could also come and to be with my best friends in this concert. He's the one who paid my ticket first. He told me to pay him whenever I already have the money.

It happened that today we still have classes to attend before going to the concert. But it's okay. No big deal. Don't compare us to some people that will be absent just to prepare for the concert. We're not one of them. (Like, duh) But there's something inconvenience happened before the class ended.

In the morning, my two best friends were yelling that they have a VIP tickets for Darren & JK's concert tonight. On the other thought, I think they were just so happy and proud and can't held their feelings anymore so they burst out. On the latter part, it was gone missing so we immediately look for it. We took off all the things inside our bag. We already turned our things upside down but we didn't see anything. We still keep going, but we aren't able to find it. When class dismissal was approaching and still we can't locate where the hell it is, we already decided to tell it to our adviser. Yea, we all know - if something happened like this (stealing issues) our adviser will really get mad because we are already old enough for this kind of happenings."Walang uuwi hanggat hindi nakikita iyon!" Our dear adviser exclaimed. She looks terribly mad right now. And because of that, some kind of miraculous happened. When our unknown seatmate told us to browse again the paper, that we've already been browsing for so many times awhile ago, and boom! She's exactly right! It was there! We thought our seatmate (one who was acting strange today and who told us to look again in the paper) suspiciously put it inside her paper when my friend put it on her desk while she's busy looking for it. 

Dismissed. Leila's father drove us to the place. The venue shown up the crowd. The lines at the entrance gate was really long. Gladly, Leila's mother is a professor at that school, so we went inside in just a minute and instantly sat in front of the stage.

We waited soooooo long --- yes, about an hour I think. And they just only performed on stage less than thirty minutes. Literally less than 30 minutes. They only sing two songs each. 

But it was alright then, because while they were performing they went down the stage and went closely to us (all the people in front, the VIPs). They are really cute in personal! Especially Darren (in own my opinion). Because JK's face was so very charming! 

When it was already picture taking, we accidentally forgot to get some paper to have their autographs because we heard from other staffs that they (Darren & JK) were on hurryWe're the first one who took a picture with them. But before the picture taking session starts, they were talking something like "bakit-ng-liit-ng-stage"-yeah-something-like-that- and- more. Then I didn't know my camera's flash  was on when I suddenly click my camera. They looked at me quickly. Maybe because obviously they were talking something negative ---meaning private, so they hurriedly covered them both. But happily, they didn't get mad at me, I just turned off my camera. Hehe. Such an embarrassing moment.

Even some of the shots I took are deleted at least there are still photos left. Before I end this, when Darren was already in the van --- a white van specifically, we waited there (all of her fan girls and boys) and chased the van until it was already gone. It was such an amazing day! First ever concert and luckily with my best friends (minus one because my another friends' mother didn't allow her).

PS. Looking forward for my next concert jamming together besties! :)

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