Running Water, Fresh Air

by - Sunday, May 04, 2014

This 2014, my family and I spent our summer vacation in my Mom’s home town. San Antonio, Laguna. Here are some photos I took by myself.

I, my younger brother who has a blue shirt over his shoulder, my youngest brother wearing white sando and the rest are my cousins. We're at my cousin's backyard. Yes, honestly. At their backyard, you can actually see everything, most especially when you try to look down from it. I extremely love this place! Because it's very quiet and peaceful. This place also could be one of the nth places that you can go whenever you have problems without anyone interrupting you. 

By the way, please, if you’re going to grab any of my photos, make sure to give me some credits. I badly want to put watermarks, but at the same time I also don't want because I don't want to ruin my photos. 

My mother treated all of us - including all my relatives here in Laguna, a one day swimming at Twin Falls. My mom said, she want us - me, my younger & li'l bro, to get here because we haven't been here yet.

The entrance fee wasn't really that shocking because all of us are discounted. Since we - oh, I mean they, they were all from Laguna. But once they knew that not all of us are from Laguna, they will prompt a big amount on us.

We are on the way to Twin Falls! Wipeee! That was fun riding in a tricycle especially when the road was downhill because you can actually see so closely the view beside you. No barrier at all. Hihi
And this is my younger brother. He's not that great swimmer, but he's greater than me. He can swim than I. I felt so much envy to him. Because I'm his sister and I want to do anything, but sadly I can't. And now he's greater than me.
So this me with a blurred in my face. The water was extremely super cold.
When, we are going back to our cottage.
Actually you will not immediately see this when you entered the Twin Falls because this was located at the top of it. You still need to hike the place before you can reach this place.
We’re hiking to actually see the hidden place of this location.
When, we are enjoying the massage of the falls on our back.
I'm really happy that my Mom let us experience this kind of experience. It is really a fantastic experience. Kasi madalang lang kami mag outbound. And because of this kind of event, I realized something, that the nature, our God's one of the greatest creation, are indeed beautiful. If only if we are going to learn to appreciate them we can truly see how beauty they were.

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