The Naive Gals On Top!

by - Monday, December 16, 2013

This was also one of the very best (very na nga, best pa! Haha!) thing happened in my entire life! When we (Me together with my three best friends) joined the contest entitled "Synergy". We really can't believe that we are going to win!

We suffered a lot of problems while having this contest. In choosing a title of the group. Our principal don't want "Tha Naivers" She suggested something and she also suggested a performance. But we didn't like the performance. We only accept her suggestion, "The Naive Gals". First elimination, we really did our, especially my best. We are going to dance and I don't dance! Really! But because I don't want them to get the upset and also, I don't want to get embarrassed, I did what I really can even I'm not good in dancing. In the first elimination, it feels really good that we got three stars from the judges. 

In the second elimination, we never thought we are going to get another three star and that means we're going to continue on the next elimination. We had a great great time practicing all together. Everyday before every elimination we are really practicing thoroughly. We always got home late evening just to practice. Whenever someone got wrong in one step, even we are already half way done, we need to repeat again to the top. 

All the hardship paid off when we got the last three stars for the last elimination. For the last practice, we really did our very very best. We thought that, we are already here so we must strive our very best even if we didn't win, at least we are able to perform in front of the crowd. When we are already the next performer our "said" mentor doesn't care to us. Kaya medyo epic nung umpisa 'yung performance namin.

When it is already announcement of winners, they call first the "People Choice Award" we already knew that it was us. Because we're the highest likes on Facebook. Next, they started to call from thrid runner up to the Champion. When we didn't hear our name in first two winners (the thrid & second) we already loose hope. We know that we are not going to win. Because there are other greatest groups than us. And when they called "Naive Gals" we were like crazy shouting and jumping million times in expressing our extreme happiness! One time, I didn't know that I did sit on the stage floor and stamping my feet like crazy. I am really a shy type but this time I forgot about it. If you know that feeling, you'll know why. I will not forget this day forever! Most especially my friends who has been part of this! And that was when the Naive Gals was made.

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