It's Showtime Live Studio 2013

by - Saturday, December 07, 2013

Yiz! This is my first time to watch Showtime live in studio. A really big thanks to my best friend's mom who was Tita Liza. This was all happened because of her. I think we waited for a month to validate our reservation before we can finally watch them live. I am super excited before this day happened! I don't know exactly what  should I bring. They told me to bring lots of food so I will not get hungry while waiting. 

Six in the morning I am already in their house because Tita told me that I need to be early. So we can seat infront. We (Tita, my best friend and her two younger brothers and I) arrived at the studio around late 8 am. We still need to wait for another 3 hours so we can finally enter the studio.

Sorry for my hassle face. I have no time to fix myself anymore.

While we are still waiting we took a lot of photos and more of selfies, eat all the foods we brought. Yeah. Haha! Then when it was almost time there's this guy (sorry I can't remember his name) went outside of something and walk infront of us. He was discussing about the rules and regulations before entering the studio. I can say that Tita and my best friend knows him very well. Me don't. Because I am not Kapamilya nor Kapuso. Not even in between. Cause I only watch cartoons e. So I am not familiar with celebrities. Hehe. Tita asked him if we could take picture with him and he agreed. 

I feel bad for those people who doesn't get a chance na makapasok. Even they already spent their night there, still hindi sila nagkaroon ng chance to enter the studio because of us who get a chance to reserved. I know that the studio size was not enough to accomodate all of us. But there are some senior citizens also waiting and i think has been there since very early just to enter the studio. Believe me or not, my heart always melt every time something happened like this. I wish senior citizens in walk-in sectors will be prioritize too. So yeah, before heading to the studio, showtime staff gave each circle of friends a free 1/4 cartolina so we can make our own banner.

Afterwards, finally our lines already moved until we reached the studio. I never thought that ganoon siya kalaki. When I am watching it on TV, I thought it was really big. Because all their segments was placed differently. That you would think it was really big. Good thing that we are somehow in front of the stage. But too sad, the "in front" that I'm talking about was placed beside the stage. Literally on right side. Sa gilid ng studio to be more specific. How unlucky we are. Watch the video below so you can understand what am I talking about.

While the segment's on going, they were not looking at our side, but instead they were always looking on the center. And every time commercials will air, they will go inside of the stage. One time, exactly after the segment, Anne Curtis sang in matinis na boses (but I already forgot what song was that) while she was heading inside the stage. Then, second time, exactly after the segment again, Vice pull down Billy's pants. So the audience saw it! Nothing bad  because he was wearing boxer shorts. He immediately pull up his pants from the floor. I think that was the funniest part ever happened off cam. Also, every time there will be having a break, especially if they will be needing or returning the prop/s that they used (even the largest props that you usually saw on TV) mano-mano nila bubuhatin paakyat ng stage where the exit & entrance of the props was placed. 

There's one guy (Dambo, i think) that if we want to get feature on TV, we must participate. Even if it is so embarrassing but it was 'all' okay. While someone is performing on the stage. If I remember it correctly it was entitled 45's.. songs. Something like that. Oldies that are singing old songs. So I did was sing along with them and sway with full of energy with my best friend. I wouldn't know that I get featured on TV, about 3 seconds maybe, if my another best friend's father will not tell me. Tito asked me the other day if I am wearing pink yesterday then I said yes. After saying 'yes' he was now hundred percent sure that it was really me! He also point out where we are sitting. And he added that I was the only one who has been featured. Tita and my best friend didn't, maybe because I was too big that I didn't even notice that I covered them when the camera rolls on us. 

This is the unlucky place where we are sitting. Haha!

After the show, while all the Showtime hosts are heading to the exit that was placed near our seats. I tried to call Anne hoping that she will sign our tarpaulin or just turn her head to us. But even a glance, did not happened! I get annoyed and disappointed somehow but it's okay because before Vice reaches the exist we quickly call him and asked if he could sign the tarpaulin. Then I am super duper happy that he turned to us and immediately asked for a marker then signed it! He's so kind! And yesssssssss! All my efforts in edit this was all worth it! 

We are all dead tired and hungry at the same time after the show but we absolutely had fun despite of our hungriness and tiredness. We headed to the nearest food chain, McDo near the studio. We went to the second floor and find vacant seats. While we are waiting for our orders my best friend was so busy looking at someone. I could recognize that she's familiarizing someone. When she's already sure, she told me, "Si Tom! Si Tom ayun!" Me be like, "Huh? Sino 'yun?" "Tom ng PBB!" she answered. Even I don't know him, I get attracted to him 'cause he's so damn hot! Talaga! She grabbed my hand and went beside Tom and ask if we can take a selfie. He agreed and now ready to smile. After I took photo with him, I accidentally looked directly into his eyes (it was really my hobby actually. To look directly in people's eyes) And I personally saw in a closer look how handsome he is! Yes! Super duper! His eyes are very attractive also his smile! I hope to see him again! :-)

This is only the good shot I have.

Before we go home we took some pictures first at PBB House. It was just near the studio and McDo. 
This is all for toady! Hope you had fun together with me!

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