Book Reivew: Talk Back and You're Dead

by - Thursday, November 28, 2013

First, I am going to share the story behind how I win this book with free signs of phenomenon writers from Wattpad thru online before sharing my review about this book.


Pandayan Bookshop held an online contest through their official twitter page. The prizes are Wattpad books: A Sadist Lover, Talk Back and You're Dead and My Facebook Boyfriend For Real?!

And to make the story even shorter, I didn't expect to win, but I won!

When I joined this contest I am not that serious and it was like "trip-trip lang". But of course, I still did my part as a participant. I thought that "I should better grab this chance. If I didn't win, it's okay. At least I tried and did everything that I can." So I created tons of twitter accounts then re-tweeted and favorited my tweet entry for that contest. After a week, I opened again my twitter account and view my new notifications. I was really in shock when I received a tweet from @pandayancomph. That, (here's our conversation below)

I really can't believe it! That's why I asked him many times. To become sure I also tweet the title of the book I want to have, even if don't know if someone already reserved that for themselves. And gladly, no one did! So, it's very clear that I AM GOING TO HAVE THAT "TALK BACK AND YOU'RE DEAD" BOOK 1 SIGNED BY ALESANA MARIE WITH OTHER AUTHORS TOO! 

I really did not expect to win again in another online constest or game (or whatever they call it). But to tell you honestly, pang ilang beses ko na itong panalo. Pakiramdam ko tuloy nandito na sa internet world ang maganda kong kinabukasan. But of course I'm just kidding. Ayoko ngang dito lang sa internet ang maganda kong kinabukasan, gusto sa labas din nito.

After one month of waiting, I finally have it on my own hands!  It happened to be one month before receiving it because I lost contact with them. I told them that I am just going to pick it up to the nearest Pandayan Bookshop. And it was worth the wait! I'm really super duper happy! Thank you for this opportunity Pandayan Bookshop (@pandayancomph). 'Til next time! :-)


I bet you should you should read this! Because this is one of the best books that has been published from Wattpad. It is kind of a Filipino teen romantic comedy-action story written by Alesana Marie. The story revolves from a typical schoolgirl Miracle Samantha Perez and resident bad boy Top Pendelton. Good girl falls for a bad boy with a twist. This is not just an ordinary story. It will blown up your mind of what do you think should happen next? What would be the ending? Is there a happy ending?

After returning of those peeps who borrowed this book, this what actually happened.
Grabe kayo ha. Buti nalang mabait ako kahit papaano. Haha.

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